Waterford Digital Studio

Waterford is a digital recording studio located in the Washington, DC metro area. We've worked with over 500 national and local bands for live sound and digital recording.

What is it like to work with frank:

Chris mandra


Frank Marchand is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever known. His workflow is remarkably efficient, he knows his tools exceptionally well, working quickly and tirelessly. The time he saves putting together aspects of a session; tracking, overdubbing, comping vocals, editing parts, removing unwanted and/or unfortunate sounds, allows him to spend the bulk of his time mixing and trying different things. He is one of the few people I know to not only have a vision of how things could be, he's also able to make that vision different for each recording. Money spent with Frank is money well spent. Virtually every recording I have put out since 1999 from my bands, Great Mutant Skywheel and TELESMA to music I've produced for other people, to CMJ Top 20 RPM chart electronic music as kataStatik has been done with Frank. I love him like a brother and trust him like a mother. I cannot say enough good things about this warm, funny, clever, talented and diligent guy. I think we've put out 9 records together so far, and we're just getting started. 


Miles Gannett

Fractal Cat

My band recently had the pleasure of recording with Frank Marchand at Waterford Digital Studio.
Frank knew exactly what we were going for when he heard our songs. Experienced in a wide variety of musical genres, he knew how to achieve the classic psychedelic rock sounds we were after. Frank worked very quickly, using the perfect blend of knowledge and intuition to find the right guitars, effects, amps, and drum sounds for each track based on the style and feeling of our songs.

The studio itself is a relaxed and fun environment conducive to creativity. There is a great assortment of vintage equipment at the artist’s disposal, which, combined with cutting-edge digital plugins and Frank’s pro-tools expertise, made it possible for us to make a classic sounding record in a short amount of time and on a limited budget. Between takes, we took breaks where Frank played us “inspirational” recordings over his loudspeakers.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Frank; there were many laughs. He is a warm personality, but not afraid to tell you the truth if something isn’t working. Artists should come prepared with their parts and arrangements, but be open to the scrutiny of the producer’s discerning ear. Frank coached inspired performances from us, pushed us to get better takes, and knew when we got the right one. Any band looking to take their art to the next level would do well to hire Frank Marchand!

Pat Flood

Frank is a HUGE fan of music. He has an unwavering focus on making sure the details are taken care of in all aspects of his productions. He has a keen sense for bringing forward the musical ideas of his clients not only through his top notch skills as a producer/engineer but from the perspective of the listener as well.

Mike Monseur

Bias Studios

Frank Marchand is by far one of the most talented engineers in the Mid-Atlantic, or on the East Coast for that matter.

As a mastering engineer, I always look forward to receiving new projects from Frank.  I know the mixes will be RIGHT, and that Frank will be 100% invested in delivering the best sounding product for the client and to the listening audience.

Frank’s engineering and production work elevates the entire record.  Bands know that they will sound their absolute best when Frank is turning the knobs.  Frank’s skills allow musicianto perform their best as artists.  There is an unspoken confidence and freedom on the part of the artist because they know Frank will capture their best attributes and help them communicate their vision to their audience with the utmost quality.  His clients have told me this time and time again.

When it comes to hard driving music, it doesn’t get any better than Frank Marchand.  He’s a Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, Prog. Rock, Indi Rock, audiophile! They don’t call him “The Punisher” for nothing.

Frank Marchand is one of the most unique individuals I know.   The loves a wide range of music, but especially hard driving, cranked up to 11 stuff, and yet he’s still an audiophile.  Frank invest all of himself in every project.  Frank is by no means just a technician either.  Frank is an artist.  Frank melds all of his skills together and delivers the best possible product for every client.  Frank’s mixes sound like major label releases and can sit right next to all of the big boys in the industry.

Frank puts all of himself into every project, whether it is a major label release or a regional touring band.  The coolest part is that when they're finished, the regional band has an album that sounds like a major label production.

Frank Marchand has a unique ability to fit in with any group of people and any style of music.  This is why so many amazing artists work with Frank and continue to bring him on the road with them across the county and even the world.

Scott (Wino) Weinrich


My name is Wino, and I have dedicated my life and built a career on the strength of belief, knowledge seeking and writing and performing Heavy music. Franks nickname is: “The Punisher" and I will tell you now, willingly and of my own volition that that title is true, no bullshit and well deserved. " The Punisher": not a moniker born of malice or derived from the arrogance of mediocrity, but a kinglike title that shines from the radiance of Knowledge. Knowledge of the essence of the universal language of music, the knowledge of the tools, the gear and the application and manipulation of the tools. Knowledge of people and the many faceted personalities and trips of the musicians and artists that he must constantly interact with, and above all, Love and dedication to emotions companion, music. Love for and knowledge of not just Rock, but every genre that within passion breathes. I hired Frank to run live sound for THE OBSESSED’s latest incarnation, and upon taking the stage I immediately felt comfortable and confident. At another show, I was freaking cause it was packed, the sound people having added subs, on crowd level, the people pressing in on them, the low end translating back as a murky, standing wave, actually phase cancelling into a thin bad sound anywhere in the room. He said to me "Don’t worry, I am gonna make your band sound fukking huge". He did just that, grabbing the laptop that no engineer had dared touch, gleefully smiling, mixing the sound knee deep in the mosh pit. I believe you can’t be afraid to take risks, and I also know that to me, a truly great engineer/producer is someone who pulls performance out of the artist without pissing them off, but INSPIRING them. Upon deciding to hire Mr. Marchand to record the most important record of my career, he looked me in the eye and said, "I am gonna get you the best sound you’ve ever had"! No Bullshit, all true, and He is truly, "one of us". It is an honour and a pleasure to create music with Frank, he tirelessly answered my questions, and took the time to sit and explain to me the particulars and workings of all the studio related, music related questions I had. I thought carefully before asking. It was heartwarming and rewarding to see him sincerely enjoying the incredible detailed and heavier than balls soundscape we crafted. All true, no bullshit, BELIEVE IT.!!!! HATS OFF TO THE PUNISHER!!!!

Brian Costantino



The experience I had recording at Frank's studio was incredible. From day 1 you are made to feel he has your best interest at heart. From the relaxed layout and atmosphere to the incredible equipment at your fingertips I was absolutely amazed every day of recording.  His enthusiasm and honesty work well together both in excitement for material that is starting shape into a song or when he needs to buckle down and let you know time is money. 

Ultimately I would recommend this studio and Frank to anyone, and already have, if you are looking for the best recording you could imagine, we did!

Hey and you get an inspirational video at the end of each session, much needed after a long day of recording.   This line doesn't have to be in there unless Frank says hell yeah! I personally looked forward to what he had.