Waterford Digital Studio

Waterford is a digital recording studio located in the Washington, DC metro area. We've worked with over 500 national and local bands for live sound and digital recording.

In the late ’70s, Frank and his band went into the studio for the first time. “Once I walked into the studio, something clicked, and he was interested in studio recording enough to seek out a college audio course. After graduation, he found job as close to the industry as he could get with no experience, doing advertising for a mom and pop audio/video store in Washington, DC. But it was a step into the industry, and a way to learn.

He answered an ad and got a job doing live sound mixing at the Bayou, a legendary club in DC. He continued to learn his craft, and got the bug for recording and sound.

He was clear on what he wanted to do, so he sat down with a phone book and called every studio listed, looking for any job he could get – he got lucky when Washington Professional Systems (the pro audio part of Chuck Levin’s Music Store) gave him a job as an assistant to Greg Lukens. He shadowed Greg, and gives Greg credit for mentoring his career, “because Greg was blind, he gave me insights into sound that I would never have known otherwise”.

The other benefit was the ability to bring home state of the art equipment to “play with” over the weekend, so he started doing recording and mixing for his friends. He met a lot of studio owners during his time there and made some valuable contacts. He honed his craft by doing live sound around the country, as he continued to work out of his home studio.

He watched the transition of the industry from tape to digital recording, making contacts with Oz Studio in Baltimore, and went into recording full time in 1990. It was a juggling act, since he was doing studio work, live sound and touring with national acts like the Toadies – there wasn’t a lot of sleep, but “I can sleep when I’m dead”.

In 1999, Frank opened Waterford Digital Sound Studio. He’s recorded over 500 albums for local and national acts, and is still touring with acts such as Nils Lofgren, WeBanjo3, Bob Mould, and The Obsessed.